Welcome To BaBaLoo Lounge

We are a gastropub specializing in Cuban and Peruvian flavors. While still adhering to age old family recipes, we strive to be innovative and open minded, just as our ancestors were when these flavors were first imagined. Here at BaBaLoo, we want to take on this multicultural challenge by providing the most authentic dining experience that Lake Havasu City and Palm Desert have to offer. Cuba and Peru are rich in history, and nothing tells that tale better than their diverse flavor combinations. We take ideas from cuisines around the world; Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Caribbean, and African flavors have heavily influenced Cuban and Peruvian food throughout history.

The same goes for us here at BaBaLoo. Our Le Cordon Bleu and classically trained chefs have combined these influences to create, what we have found, to be a great representation of these two proud cultures. Along with always using the freshest ingredients hand cutting our steaks, seafood, chicken and pork, we seek to provide our patrons with the best experience possible. So again, welcome to BaBaLoo Lounge, become a part of the family, and enjoy.